Reliance Roofing roof restoration, roof repairs, roof painting
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Reliance Roofing roof restoration, roof repairs, roof painting

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roof restoration, roof repairs, roof painting

Reliance Roofing roof restoration, roof repairs, roof paintingTESTIMONIALS

"Just a short note to say thanks to the staff that attended to our roof repainting. They responded and were on site promptly, did the job in a clean and professional manner. unlike the others whom I contacted in the past. I have no hesitation in recommending your services."
- Thanks Jaspal

"Thank you so much for my roof. A big thanks to Adam for telling me about you guys Our home looks fabulous, with its new painted Roof it looks like new. "
- Regards Mr Fong

"Thank you for the great job on the roof, I have neighbour envy, neighbours have asked about your services and commented on the professionalism of your staff. And happy to say no leaks. Roof looks Great ! "
- Stephen May

"Thanks to the crew from Reliance roof restorations for the great job they did in restoring our tiled roof and painting our guttering. Their professional work has made a huge difference to the appearance and feel of our home.The restoration was hassle free and done at a very competitive price. "
- Thanks again Shona

"Reliance roofing did what they promised. The work was done efficiently and on time, and left the area clean and tidy. Craig was more than competitive on price, and I would have no hesitation in recommending Craig to anyone who wanted their roof restored. "
- Thanks Jim


Reliance Roof Restoration

Reliance Roof restoration deliver domestic and commercial top quality affordable Auckland roof painting and roof restoration services throughout Auckland. We are a trusted Auckland roofing painting and restoration company specializing in concrete tile .We have been around for many years, and we only use top quality products.

What exactly is a Roof Restoration ?

A Roof Restoration is a complete clean, repair and roof painting of your roof. After many years of battling the elements your roof suffers wear and tear. Reliance roof restoration provides roof restoration and roof painting to Auckland our restorations fixes your roof so it looks like new, adding value to your house and home.

Why is a Roof Restoration important?

The process of roof restoration simply means taking care of the entire roof system before it eventually wears out. If your roof is in need of a roof  restoration or roof painting we recommend you ACT NOW! If a disaster strikes and your roof is damaged, your insurance company may not cover you due to lack of upkeep.

At Reliance roof restoration we specialize in roof restoration and roof painting for residential and commercial properties. This includes the major roof repair or roof restoration and roof painting so that your current roof is back to a great condition.

Reliance roof restoration service can help you save thousands of dollars in premature roof replacements and expensive structural damage. As much as 10 years can be added to the useful life of your roof through restoration. This can save significant expense further down the track, or add significant capital value should you be considering selling your property. You can count on our expertise.

Signs Your Home Needs a Roof Restoration

Does your roof leak? Have you noticed broken or missing roof tiles? Has your roof faded and covered in moss or mould? Any of these issues are signs your roof is in need of a roof restoration. If you do think you may need a roof restoration ACT NOW! existing roof damage may not be covered by your insurance company so call us free on 0508 867 2468 

10 Reasons Roof Restoration Benefits Your Home

  1. A well maintained roof is a reliable roof, and a reliable roof means peace of mind
  2. Improves the overall appearance and value of your home
  3. Waterproof coatings giving your roof a longer lifespan
  4. More cost effective than replacing the entire roof
  5. Waterproofs the tile against the rain and weather
  6. Helping the Carbon Footprint: The use of quality coatings to reflect the heat and keep your house cooler. Therefore saving electricity.
  7. Improves the quality and purity of water run off
  8. Repointing of the ridge tiles in flexi point ridge security eliminates leaking ridge tiles and secures the ridge against wind uplift.
  9. 10 year warranty on coating products
  10. Insurance companies may not cover water damage if your roof is not maintained


How To Restore A Concrete Tile Roof

We do not recommend you attempt a roof restoration without the knowledge, qualifications or experience of a skilled roofer. Below is the 12 step roof restoration process we follow at Reliance roof restoration.

The 12 Step Roof Restoration Process

Step 1 - Temporary roof edge protection is erected and or safety harnesses used as per industry work place requirements.

Step 2 - Where necessary all ridge capping will be removed and rebedded using a sand and cement bed mixed at a ratio of : 4 parts brickies loam to 1 part cement (water added.)

Step 3 - All broken ridge, barge and roof tiles are replaced (age and profile matched.)

Step 4 - Using high pressure water cleaner’s the entire roof area is cleaned at 3600psi using specifically designed turbo and fan jet nozzles ensuring a better clean (preparation of the tiled surface is crucial to the overall success of the restored roof.)

Step 5 - Surrounding gutters, external walls, and paths are washed down to remove any roof grime.

Step 6 - All ridge capping and gables without a specifically designed barge tile are repointed using flexipoint ridge security.

Step 7 - The entire roof is then blown down using a blower vac. All gables and flashings are hand painted. Windows, solar hot water systems, skylights etc, are covered and or masked to avoid overspray.

Step 8 - One coat of primer/sealer is applied which firstly penetrates into the tile surface allowing adhesion between the tile and top coats. Secondly sterilize’s the tile surface killing off any fungi spores.

Step 9 - Two colour coat’s are applied using a 100% pure acrylic polymer roof membrane coating applied with an airless spray gun.

Step 10 - Site is thoroughly cleaned and all rubbish removed. All temporary roof edge protection is removed.

Step 11 - A final roof inspection is carried out to.ensuring all work is completed to satisfaction.

Step 12 - A 10 year warranty on all materials is issued on completion of work.


Buyer Beware

You may often see signs posted around advertising cheap roof painting. Prior to making any decision on the upgrade of your roof, you must ensure the service you receive is performed by a reputable, qualified and experienced tradesman. A professional company, such as Reliance roof restoration, will provide you will the following:

  • The correct quality roof products (not regular household paint);
  • Preparation and explanation of the entire process;
  • A warranty guarantee.

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 Before (washed and repaired)                                                                             After (sealer coat and two top coats)



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